RFID HF ICODE SLIX Tag (50mm X 50mm)


RRHFT03 is a commonly used RFID book tag based on NXP I-Code series ICs. It supports ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 standards. It comes with specialized adhesive providing longer tag life after pasting. It is pasted on the inner side of the front cover and masked by an anti-theft sticker to avoid tempering.

Technical Specifications

Product Code RRHFT03
Material Label
Colour White
User Memory 1 Kbit
Thickness NA
Size (in mm) 50mm x 50mm
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
Standard / Protocols ISO 15693: ICODE
Temparature -12°C to +60°C
Integrated Circuit SL2S2002/SL2S2102 (ICODE SLIX)


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