RapidRadio has designed state of art RFID hardware products for library industry. RFID plays vital role in redefining the library process to make everyone’s job easier right from patron to library staff. RapidRadio works with software vendors of integrated library management system to provide turnkey solutions to the library. We currently follow ISO 28560 (upcoming ISO standard for use of RFID in Libraries) for deploying RFID based library management solution. For more please refer document: RFID in Library

Our latest RFID industry products are Book Drop and Sorting System (6-12 bins).


Sr. no.

Equipment Type

Model No.

Description of the Hardware



Staff Station Reader for Circulation Desk


RFID Reader with a middleware which can be made compatible with existing Library software


HF RFID Handheld Reader


RFID handheld reader is mainly used in stock verification of books which can be done in hours instead of days with barcode reader system


Security Gate Antenna System


Security gates are placed at entry and exit of the library to keep check on unauthorized books going outside. It will have a read range Up to 1m.


RFID Enabled Self Check-Out Kiosk


RFID enabled self check out system is an independent touch screen based kiosk for borrowers to perform  issue-return functions on their own


RFID Book Drop Station


RRHFDB01 is a touch screen based stand alone multi protocol book drop primarily used for returning library books


(For books, journals, magazines, CD’s etc)


RFID tag is to be applied on each and every book. They are available in various form factors

Mifare cards for ID cards, these can be used at self check in check out station to issue books independent of any human intervention

CD tags are RFID tags to be applied on CD’s, these are specially designed in circular form factors

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