Company Profile:


RapidRadio Solutions has been spun off from "RFID project" which was incubated at NirmaLabs, a Technology Business Incubator, located at Nirma University Campus. We are currently based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

We are team of young, professional technologists committed to do our best and always keep improving ourselves to do a better job next time. We intend to make the usage of RFID technology simpler for our partners and customers and contribute to faster adaptation of RFID in India. 

We deliver quality products and are committed to make RFID implementation easier by providing full support through out the deployment phase. We work with our customers to help them understand and justify the ROI for implementing RFID by educating them about RFID technology, its practical benefits, relevance to customer’s business process, and finally the value they could expect to derive through RFID deployment.


About NirmaLabs:


NirmaLabs to spawn High Tech Knowledge based Wealth Generation ventures. The basic idea is to identify individuals with technical knowledge and experience, and groom them to evolve project plans for high tech wealth generation ventures. Such projects and teams will then be seed funded and incubated to bring the concept to venture fundable level.

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