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RFID OEM Modules
This product group contains RFID OEM modules which can add RFID Technology as a feature to other hardware. They are available in various interfaces like spi, ttl, rs232 etc.. 

Multiprotocol HF RFID OEM Module RRHFOEM05


Item Code: RRHFOEM05

RRHFOEM05 is a ready to use multi protocolRFID reader/writer module with internalantenna.

It operates on 13.56 MHz and is compatiblewith below listed standards with all global standards.


Multiprotocol HF RFID Reader/Writer RRHFOEM04
Item Code: RRHFOEM04

RRHFOEM04 is a ready to use RFID Reader withinbuilt Antenna. This reader is used in applications such as programming tags, payments, desktop use etc. It operates on 13.56 MHz and is compatible with ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3 & ISO 14443 A. API's also contain proprietary commands of Mifare and ICode standards.


High Power RFID OEM Module RRHFOEM06
Item Code: RRHFOEM06

RRHFOEM06 is a ready to use high power RFIDreader/writer module which can be used with external antenna. Power output up to 1 W.


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