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This Product group has all the RFID Cards & Tag details in all related technologies like HF, UHF & Active. 



Item Code: RRHFT01

RRHFT01 is HF Tag working on 13.56 MHz frequency. They are available in different form factors depending on required range and various applications.

Tags are also available in various memories starting from 256 bits to 2048 bits. It is also available in inlay and label form




Item Code: RRUHFT01

RRUHFT01 is UHF Tag working on 865 to 868 MHz. The UHF tags are compatible with ISO 18000 - 6C and available with various Ic’s in the market.

They are available in various size and shapes for best performance with the end user application system. For eg: Tags for Metal



Active RFID Tags RRATT01


IItem Code: RRATT01

RRATT01 is a compact size Active tag operating on 2.45GHz. With internal battery inside it has life span of approx. 2 years.

It can be detected up to 80 meters with an external antenna to be attached with RRATR01. Read range can be varied by using different custom designed antennas.



RFID Smart Card RRHFSM01


Item Code: RRHFSM01

RRHFSM01 are standard 1K Mifare technology based smart cards working on 13.56 MHz.



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